Hi I'm Fifi! I am an Experience Designer and artist based in New York. My work range from consumer products, fashion designs, to interactive art installations. Most of my work focus on social problems and humanity issues, investigating the relationship between individuals and the social constructs they are surrounded by. I work on transforming those experiences, sentiments and social phenomena into immersive experience and interactive pieces. I am also passionate about teaching and education. I started as a teaching assistant as Parsons School of Design and held workshop in Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. I have participated in developing new course at Parsons as well.

I graduated from Parson School of Design with a MFA degree in Design and Technology(2020). I received my bachelor’s degrees (2017) from University of Washington in Philosophy and Industrial Design.

I also love woodworking, documentaries, stand-up comedy, and accumulating weird facts I found on the internet.

You can reach me at  fifixiedesign@gmail.com

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